"Star of the North Country"
By Ruth A. Jones Ryan

With sincere gratitude to those who have made this collection of historical facts and
personal anecdotes possible, I dedicate to my mother,
Marion Alden Fay Jones,
1879 - 1968,

who, in her enthusiasm for her home town, gathered clippings of Malone....
and to her grandfather, Dr. Calvin Skinner,
for painstakingly recording his life and times,
1819 - 1903.


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100 Page's
filled with historical information
as well as photograph's and
sketches of early times
in Northern NY

Order# STAR-1908
$12.00 ea.

Star of the North Country
A book of memories of early times in the Malone and surrounding area.

by Ruth A. Jones Ryan

Should this little book of history & incidents depicting the passing scene be of interest, please let it be a reminder not to disdain the past because it is old and worn, but to look again, holding safely the best that will not come again.

As the hopes, dreams and hard labor of our forefathers settled this countryside, let us build on that firm foundation, valuing the past as the future inevitably brings change, tempered with wise judgment and good taste.

(Library of Congress, ISBN)
copyright 1994 by: Ruth A. Jones Ryan
currently in it's third printing


Description on Back

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"Dr. Calvin Skinner"
Order# HIS-1819

  Great grandfather, Dr. Calvin Skinner, settled in Malone, NY in 1842, arriving on horseback from Vermont fresh out of Dartmouth  Medical School.  A veteran of the Civil War, first serving as a volunteer, returning as a surgeon with the rank of major in the 106th regiment following recuperation from malaria contracted early in the war.  In 1860 he served as delegate to the Chicago National Convention nominating Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States of America.

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"The Great Emancipator"
Order# HIS-1860

  This sketch of Mr. Lincoln, done with pencil in 1929,  came about through reverence of the man who came to be known as the "great emancipator".  No president before or since has done so much in the name of humanity, long remembered as the man who stated a house divided can not stand, he helped forge one nation that continues to stand today.